Cosplay Photography: creating a fantasy art image

Cosplay Photography: creating a fantasy art image

Cosplay, Anime, Steampunk and Fairy photo shoots

One of the things I love about my fantasy art photography is that the only limit is imagination. The image of The Joker from DC Comics shown started out as a photograph that I had originally photographed on location (Manchester, not Gotham ;-)) and I added the digital artwork over the next few days. I love the design and colours used in the costume. It's so well thought out, however it was the Joker's pose that inspired me to create the explosion scene in the background and produce the finished piece of photo art.

Once I know what type of look or theme someone wants I can start to imagine how the finished digital artwork will look and I can then take a series of photographs that will act as the basis for the finished image. The photo is at the centre of the finished artwork because everything else depends on it being high quality. I take a few different shots but I always have a plan for what the completed image will look like before I take the photographs.

Cosplay photograph of Harley Quinn and Posion Ivy by Paul Holland

 If you would like your own fantasy art photoshoot, please contact the studio to discuss your requirements with us. Whether it's for a child or adult, the result is a unique piece of artwork to treasure for years to come.

If you are looking for inspiration you can see more examples of my work here. I offer gift vouchers which are valid for a year so you can buy now and then contact the studio when you are ready to arrange a date and time for the photo shoot.

Photo of a young boy dressed as Clark Kent and Superman

From fairies and knights, to gothic, vampire, steam punk, cosplay, or anime photography, just call the studio, tell us the type of look you're thinking of and let Paul work his magic!

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