Kendal Journal - October 2023

Kendal Journal - October 2023

Colour photo showing Kendal Unitarian Chapel Peace Garden
 The Peace Garden at Kendal Unitarian Chapel, Branthwaite Brow © Paul Holland
Colour photo showing the garden at Kendal Unitarian Chapel being tended

Bamba tending the garden at Kendal Unitarian Chapel © Paul Holland

Black and white portrait image of Bamba

Portrait of Bamba © Paul Holland

Colour image showing a detail of the windows and wall at Kendal Parish Church

Kendal Parish Church © Paul Holland

"WOW! We love the pictures. Paul went above and beyond to make sure our shoot was relaxed and enjoyable. Paul never rushed us and takes time and genuinely wants to create pictures that we can love and treasure for years to come. Highly recommended."
Danika & Freddie


Sunlight through the leaves of Abbot Hall Park © Paul Holland

Sunlight through the leaves in Abbot Hall Park © Paul Holland

Autumnal image showing the footpath alongside the River Kent

 Walking alongside the River Kent © Paul Holland

Colour photo of New Shambles, Kendal

New Shambles Yard, Kendal © Paul Holland

Image shows twin girls cycling along the footpath

Twins cycling through the park © Paul Holland

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  • Bamba

    Thanks Paul for stopping at the Chapel, the pictures and stories are amazing👍

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