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What is the correct height to hang a photograph?

Have you ever wondered how far from the ceiling you should hang your photographs? It's a common mistake to hang photographs (and other artwork) too high on a wall. This can create an undesirable effect where the photograph has no relationship to the furniture around it and it requires you to tilt your head back to look at it. So what's the ideal height to show your photograph at it's best? You should hang your photographs so that the centre of the image is at eye level. Of course, not everyone is exactly the same height but a good rule of thumb is get the centre of the photograph around 60-63 inches (152-160cm) from the floor. This will give you...

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Your photographs in a beautiful album

I love creating albums. It's a great feeling to know that your favourite photographs will be displayed forever in a beautiful album which is destined to become a family heirloom. There is a wide choice of options so every album can be made unique. Here are some of the album choices available...

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So, you have chosen your photos, what now? A look at our photo products

A look at our range of Photo Products A beautiful, hand framed photograph or an album tailored to your own specification where you select the type of photographic paper and which cover material to use is a much richer, deeper experience than viewing images on a screen. It's an experience where you can appreciate the craftsmanship in the product as much as in the image itself...

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Mums and Daughters Photo Shoots

Mums and Daughters Photo Shoots - Capturing generations together. Our Mothers and Daughters photoshoot session is now available! Time is precious and your portrait session will give you time together in our studio in Kendal while you enjoy...

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