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The story behind the picture: When it snowed in December

Saturday 2nd December 2023. It started snowing around 10:00am that day and continued throughout the day and evening. Some parts of the South Lakes area were reporting up to 30cm of snow by late evening. Hundreds of vehicles become stuck in the South Lakes area. Anyone that didn't need to travel could enjoy the snow...

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The Story behind the Picture: Dogs in Uniform

Today, the idea of being able to commission a portrait of your dog in human clothing to express his or her personality is still a wonderful idea. Rather than taking up a brush and paints, my artwork starts with your dog visiting my photo studio in Kendal...

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Headshot Photos For Eliza Harrison (Eliza Forder)

Headshots for Eliza Harrison, spiritual guide, writer and photographer. I few months ago I had the fortune of being contacted by Eliza for headshot photos for her forthcoming book. We had never met but when Eliza introduced herself I realised I was familiar with the work she had published under her former name of Eliza Forder. Like me, you may have read some of the books written by John Forder and Eliza Forder. I have...

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