Headshot Photos For Eliza Harrison (Eliza Forder)

Headshot Photos For Eliza Harrison (Eliza Forder)

The Story Behind The Picture: Headshots for Eliza Harrison, spiritual guide, writer and photographer.

I few months ago I had the fortune of being contacted by Eliza for headshot photos to coincide with the release of her forthcoming book. We had never met but when Eliza introduced herself I realised I was familiar with the work she had published under her former name of Eliza Forder. Like me, you may have read some of the books written by John Forder and Eliza Forder. I have several of their books and the photography is wonderful, capturing not only scenic landscapes but life in the lakes and dales. Eliza was working on a new book when she phoned and asked me to create some headshot photos for her.

We arranged for me to photograph Eliza in my studio a few weeks later and I created a variety of images for Eliza. Here are a few of them:

Colour image of Eliza Harrison by Paul Holland


Portrait photo of Eliza Harrison by Paul Holland


Monochrome image of Eliza Harrison by Paul Holland
"Paul has brilliant ideas about the position of hands, head, angles and the general look. Relaxed and easy atmosphere and a very professional result".
- Eliza Harrison

I always like to create a range of images when I do headshot photography so that I can offer people choices in the set of images I create for them. Sometimes I am constrained by specific corporate or agency requirements such as 'the subject must be directly facing the camera', 'a full length shot with even lighting' or 'head and shoulders only'. Othertimes there are no constraints and I am free to create a set of images that simply capture and reflect the personality of the person I am photographing. Usually I have to achieve a balance between the two.

Eliza had just one 'must have' for her choice of images: the photos had to have a mottled background and so that is what I had set up ready for Eliza's photo shoot.

It was a pleasure meeting and photographing Eliza. Her book In Search of Truth is available in bookshops and on Amazon and you can find out more about Eliza's spiritual guidance and teaching here.

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 Image showing Paul Hollan#s Headshot Package


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