Can we repair or restore old photos? YES (Here's how)

Can we repair or restore old photos? YES (Here's how)

Like many families, you probably have lots of old colour or black and white photo prints stored in envelopes, boxes or albums. Despite your best efforts, sometimes prints can become faded, torn, scratched or spotted and that's where we can help.

First, we take a copy of your original photograph or a copy of your image if you send us a digital file. We can then digitally enhance and repair the digital copy, leaving your original photo or digital image file intact and unchanged. Some of the work undertaken in the past includes repairing tears where the original print has been torn into separate parts, removing spots and scratches, and restoring colour to faded photographs. It's not uncommon for images to need several or all of these things correcting.

Once the image has been digitally repaired it can be printed again and you aren't limited to the original size or format! Your restored photo can be reprinted in a larger size, you can get duplicate copies for sharing, have your photo made into a jigsaw puzzle or into canvas wall art, to list just a few suggestions for what can be done. Here are a few examples of photo restoration work Paul has done recently.

  1. 1970s photographic print with faded colours, deterioration spots and surface scratches

    Image showing 1970s colour photograph before and after restoration by Paul Holland
  2. 1920s sepia photographic print with deterioration spots and scratches

    Image showing sepia photograph before and after restoration

Have you got old photographs you would like restoring? Perhaps it is for a family project or maybe you would like a photograph repaired to give as a gift. You can buy this inexpensive photo restoration service at the studio or from our online shop.

If you would like Paul to inspect your photograph first and provide advice about what's possible then please get in touch for a free, no obligation assessment of your photo. Just email your image or call in to our Highgate studio in Kendal with your original print to see how we can help.

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