Children and pets

Children and pets

Never work with children or animals...

It's a rule I am happy to break and I often photograph both pets and children together.

I love my job, photographing children, families and pets and whenever I get asked by clients if they can bring their pets along for a combined photo shoot, I know it’s going to be fun.

Image showing girl with two labrador dogs

Animals and pets are very much part of the family so no family portrait can be complete without them being included too and the bond between children and their pets can be so endearing it will often make for some great photographs.

Image of a young girl sitting next to a spaniel dog

Photographing animals can have its challenges though. They don't always follow direction for photography and they often prefer to move about the studio rather than remain in one place. This is something I am used to when photographing, however I also offer outdoor photography as well which you may consider more suited to your own animal's temperament.

Outdoor photo showing a family with their dog

As with people, getting a great portrait is always easier when the subject is relaxed, so if you’re planning on bringing your pet to the studio in Kendal, make sure they come fed, exercised and alert. If it’s a dog, don't forget to bring along their favourite toy or treat to hold their interest. I previously wrote a blog article with some useful tips about preparing your dog for a photo shoot, which you can read here.

My job as a professional photographer is to be ready to capture a look or fleeting movement that can create a great portrait such as the one below of Bazil and Abi. It was a very brief moment but I have captured it forever and I think that with the other photos of Abi and Bazil together it will make a lovely reminder of Abi's childhood in years to come.

Photo showing a dog sticking it's tongue out at it's young owner

If you like the photos here, why not book a photo shoot for your own children and pets? There are full details in the Portraits section of the shop or feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.


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