So, you have chosen your photos, what now? A look at our photo products

So, you have chosen your photos, what now? A look at our photo products

A look at our range of photo products

Well, to be more precise I should say physical photo products. Digital images are popular because you can view them on a phone or tablet but what happens if that gets lost or stolen?
Even when you still have access to the images, viewing them digitally is not the same as having a physical photo product to hold, look at, display and pass on to future generations. A beautiful, hand framed photograph or an album tailored to your own specification where you have selected the type of photographic paper and which cover material to use is a much richer, deeper experience. It's an experience where you can appreciate the craftsmanship in the product as much as in the image itself.
So, I thought I would showcase some of the photo products we offer. I have hand-picked every item and I selected them for both their quality and value. You can see examples of every product at the Paul Holland Photography Studio in Kendal. In fact, every image and design you see in the studio has been created by Paul. So, here's what's available to show your photographs at their very best.

Fine Art Prints

An image showing a fine art print box with prints

The fine art print box is one of our most popular products. You can choose 12 or more of your favourite images and they are printed on a heavyweight fine art paper and presented in a beautiful linen-covered box. The fine art paper stock has a very slight texture while the printed image has no sheen at all. The print quality is amazing, with vibrant colours and deep blacks.

Fine Art Album

You have a choice of several paper types in the fine art album. The fine art pages are the same as my fine art prints so you get all the same benefits: gorgeous colours and tones on fine art paper stock. The other popular choice is Fuji Silk paper with it’s vibrant colours. There are other paper types available too but these paper types feel so lovely that they are by far the most popular choices. There's a wide choice of cover materials including one to match the linen box that the fine art prints are supplied in. You choose the photos for your album and I design the page layouts for you so I can incorporate any preferences you may have for your favourite images. There is a choice of album boxes available too, including boxes in the same cover material as your album. If you would like to find out more about my range of albums, you can read my article about the choice of photo albums.

Wall Art

My range of wall art products includes frames, canvases, contemporary art panels, wood panels and box frames. Here’s a brief description of each one:

Hand-framed prints

Image taken on a One Person Studio Photo Shoot © Paul Holland


I offer a wide range of frames in a choice of sizes, styles and colours so you are sure to find one you'll love. Whichever frame you choose, you can be assured that it is made of solid wood. We don't use cardboard, plastic or composite frames. All of our frames use art glass too so there is no cloudiness, scratching or deterioration associated with cheaper frames that use acrylic sheets.

Image from a Family Studio Portrait © Paul Holland

I will probably write another post about the frames as there are so maby choose from that I can't really do them justice in this article. I have just shown a few example frames here.

Image created on a Pet Studio Portrait Session © Paul Holland

Your chosen photographic print(s) will be mounted onto a backboard to stop the print from rippling before being set inside a frame mount and then sealed to the glass to prevent dust from entering.

Image created on an Editorial Fashion Photo Shoot © Paul Holland

The completed frame is supplied in a box and with a hanger cord already fitted, your frame can be hung on the wall as soon as it's removed from the box. Our hand-crafted frames simply ooze quality.


The canvases I selected to offer are a high quality solution and they are our most cost-effective wall art product. They have a lower production cost than frames however they still meet my quality criteria by using wood for the stretcher bars and a thick, 100% cotton canvas. Archival quality printing in vibrant colours completes the product.

Art Panel


The art panel is a modern, contemporary style wall art product. Your chosen image is printed and mounted to the front of a slim panel and then a protective, silk laminate is applied over the top of the print.


The panel has a slim black edge to the sides and sits about 1cm off the wall when hung.

Wood panel


Wood panels are a unique, natural product. They consist of a ply wooden panel onto which your photographic image is printed. Only the highest grade of laminated wood is used to create each item and with a wooden hanging frame fitted at the back, the panel sits about 2cm off the wall. Whites and lighter colours in the photograph such as highlights in the background, white clothing etc can either be printed as white or these lighter areas can be allowed to let the natural wood to show through.

 Image created on an Outdoor Portrait Photo Shoot © Paul Holland

Allowing the wood grain to show through the image can really make a difference to some photographs and it gives a lovely warm, natural look to the finished piece.

Box frame

 Image created on an Outdoor Pet Portrait © Paul Holland

The box frame is a classic product that has long been popular. Your image is printed and then bonded to a board. A protective laminate is applied over the top of the photograph and then the photographic board is set inside a deep frame.

You can choose from a range of box frame colours including black, white and several styles of wood.

So, that’s the choice. They’re all high quality products designed to showcase your photographs while protecting them. Which one is your favourite?

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