Your photographs in a beautiful album

Your photographs in a beautiful album

A quick look at the range of albums I offer

I love creating albums. It's a great feeling to know that your favourite photographs will be displayed forever in a beautiful album which is destined to become a family heirloom. There is a wide range of options so in this post I thought I would show some of the album choices I can offer. Every album is hand made to the highest quality so whatever style choices you make you can be sure that your album will be made to last.
I created this 10x10 inch album for wedding photography clients
The first step in the design process is to choose the album size and the number of pages. You can choose between 20 and 60 pages in album sizes ranging from 8x8in to 18x12in. The next step is to decide on the cover material and colour. I offer a choice of cover materials including linen, suede, velvet, photographic wrap, and acrylic (where the photo shows through a high-gloss acrylic panel on the front cover).
Above: Glossy acrylic cover
Above: Photographic wrap cover
There are lots of other options too to think about at this stage. You can make your album unique by choosing the type of photographic paper, the colour of the endpapers inside the covers, whether you want metal corners on the album, text on the cover, and more. No two albums need ever look the same! The photo above shows the album cover for Benji, a beautiful Daschund.
Text on the album front cover, perfect for names, dates and location
 Metal corners are an option
Stitching around the edge of the album
The final step is where you get to choose how many images and which ones you would like in your album. I design the album for you so it matches exactly with what you want. I create a photo layout for you using your choice of photographs. The album pages are printed on your choice of paper type. The image below shows a fantasy art image printed onto a matte, non-reflective, fine art paper. By the way, if you would like to see some of my photos inside the Fantasy Art album, click here.
Choice of photographic papers; fine art matte finish shown above
Other photographers may get their album company to create your album layout for them but I don't do this, for two reasons. First, the album design company don't know you. They haven't photographed you (or your children, your pets, your wedding, etc). They have never met you and so they don't know anything about you. Their photo layout for your album will simply be an automated process. I don't do that. I prefer to have a conversation with you and find out how you would like your photographs to appear in your album.
An example of one of my album cover titles
An album wrapped in grey linen. There are over 60 covers to choose from.
I will find out which are your favourite images and then I can make a feature of them in the album. I create the whole design for you based on your preferences. Second, album companies usually charge extra for creating the photo layout which increases the price of the album. Guess who pays for that!
When your album design is complete, it is ready to order. Sit back and wait for the phone call to let you know your album has arrived!
Your album, beautifully presented in a choice of packaging.
So, that was just a quick tour of a few of the many album styles I offer. Here are the key 'take aways':
  • Choose your album shape, size and number of pages
  • Choose from over 60 cover materials and colours
  • You choose the photos you want inside
  • I design the album for you so you get an album you will love
  • The albums are hand crafted and design to last for many years.

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