Another Jigsaw Puzzle from Kendal, Cumbria

Another Jigsaw Puzzle from Kendal, Cumbria

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You may have already read about my range of Cumbria and Lake District jigsaw puzzles and a brief explanation of how jigsaws came about in an earlier post I wrote. Well, since writing that I have continually added to my collection of puzzles and here's my latest 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle: 'Hearts'.

Like all of the jigsaws I offer, it's my own design and photograph. For this one, I used more than a hundred colourful clay heart decorations which I carefully arranged for the photo. My jigsaws are all 1000pc puzzles so being larger than 500 piece puzzles I needed that many hearts to create the design. Each heart is handmade of clay which when set then has a beautiful, colourful design decoupaged onto it's surface. The art of decoupage is thought to pre-date the 12th century. From the French word meaning 'cutting out', it is the art of the art of cutting and pasting a paper cutout onto a surface to create the effect of painting. Every heart is completely hand made from start to finish and measures around 5cm in size.

I love this jigsaw puzzle design for the variety of colours it contains. When imagining the design, I made sure that some of the decoupage patterns would be similar (although not quite the same) on several different hearts so completing the jigsaw puzzle will be a satisfying challenge.
If you or someone you know loves jigsaw puzzles, I am sure this one will be enjoyable.

I can also create small, personalised jigsaws for you using your own photo, and I explain how it works here.

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If you would like to see the hearts and other hand made clay gifts, check out the website.



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