Sunset Over Kendal

Sunset Over Kendal

Kendal, Lake District Wall Art
I took this photo of the sunset over the houses on the way home from capturing one of the best sunsets I have ever seen over Kendal. By the time I took this street photo the sky had become darker although some of the residual reds and oranges were still visible. It all started earlier in the evening when I had made the climb up to Kendal Castle with my camera, tripod and other essential gear (hat and scarf, but mostly chocolate). I can't explain why but I just had a feeling in the afternoon that the sunset was going to be spectacular later that evening. So accompanied by my wife, Nicky and our dog, Wilf, I had gone up to the castle so I could be ready to take some photos. Fingers crossed.

The sunset was amazing and we weren't disappointed (although I don't think Wilf was bothered either way). Surprisingly, there weren't too many other people there at the time but we all stood quietly watching the colours in the sky get deeper and richer as they changed from shades of yellow and blue into oranges and then purples.

Sunset photography is always rewarding when you get a spectacular sunset and you are in the right place at the right with a camera. I took quite a lot of photos in the space of half an hour that evening and it was of these that I used to create my photo of Kendal Castle and beacon silhouetted against the evening sky which had become a fiery orange. If you have driven or walked past my photo studio on Highgate in Kendal then you may have seen the image printed onto canvas and occasionally displayed in the studio window.

My Kendal Castle sunset image is available as a limited edition (meaning only a small quantity will ever be printed) canvas wall art either from the studio or from the online shop.

Image of Paul Holland's Kendal Castle Sunset canvas shown in a room setting

The canvas is made to order for you in a choice of two sizes and can be supplied with or without an outer frame.

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