Choosing Between Unframed and Framed Wall Canvases

Choosing Between Unframed and Framed Wall Canvases

Now you can have a wall canvas
AND a frame!

A definite trend over recent years has been the increasing popularity of having wall canvases framed. This is an option I offer too for my own range of Kendal and Lake District landscape photography and portraits so I thought it might be helpful to look at the choices available when considering whether to have your wall canvas framed. For portrait customers I offer a range of photo products in addition to a choice of wall art.

So what canvas wall art choices are there at Paul Holland Photography?

The first decision is to choose between an unframed canvas or a framed canvas. In the realm of interior design and art curation, the decision to display artwork unframed or within a carefully chosen frame is a nuanced choice that can significantly impact the overall aesthetic appeal of your wall space. There is no right or wrong but there is a strong visual difference so it's worth consdering which look appeals to you most.

Unframed Canvases

My unframed canvases are available in a choice of two depths: either 20mm (3/4in) or 40mm (1½in) approx. Photo canvases originally were only available in the thicker depth but slim canvases have become very popular since their first appearance, and it's the slim canvases that can be framed if you wish.
Unframed canvases actually have an internal, hidden frame which the canvas material is stretched over to make it taut. When I talk about framed canvases, I'm referring to a visible outer frame as you will see later.

Image shows Paul Holland's Spice Spoons canvas in a kitchen room setting

My Spice Spoons canvas, perfect for brightening up a kitchen © Paul Holland

Unframed canvases, with their raw and unembellished presentation, exude a certain organic authenticity. This approach harks back to the roots of modernism, embracing the essence of the artwork itself without the perceived constraints of a frame. The absence of a frame draws attention to the texture of the canvas, fostering a clean and contemporary visual language and offering an unfiltered connection between the viewer and the photographic artwork.
My canvases are printed on a heavyweight, archival quality, 100% cotton canvas which adds to it's visual appeal. You will see polycotton or thin cotton canvases available elsewhere but I don't use those.

Image shows Paul Holland Photography's Stockghyll photo on a white bedroom wall

Stockghyll Canvas. The colours work well on a light coloured wall © Paul Holland

Unframed canvases are also effortlessly cool and budget-friendly. They exude a laid-back, effortless vibe, perfect for those who want to keep things informal and they can be a wallet-friendly option when you are on a budget but still want that gallery-worthy look.
A feature of an unframed canvas is that the canvas sides are visible so I offer a choice of options for this. The photographic image can go around the side edges (so some of the image is only visible at the sides) or the entire image can be shown on the front of the canvas so all details in the image remain visible. I can advise on the side edge choices available if you want your canvas unframed and I do all of the work for you when your canvas is ordered.

Framed Canvases

Framing introduces a deliberate and curated element to the display of your wall art. A carefully selected frame can contextualize the artwork while increasing its visual impact and contribution to the overall design of a room. The frame guides the viewer's perception and imbues your artwork with a sense of significance. In short, it can turn your canvas into a bona fide work of art that demands attention.
Frames aren't just for show though; they can also provide extra protection to the edges of your wall art, shielding your art from dust, scratches, and the occasional accidental bump.

I offer my wall art in a choice of frame styles so you can select a frame that will enhance both the photographic canvas and suit your room setting.

My most popular range of frames offers a choice of a textured black, white or dark brown frame. Despite being very budget friendly, these frames add a real sense of impact to your artwork. I also offer a second range of frames which has a more textured appearance. You can see both frame ranges at our Highgate Photography Studio in Kendal.

Image shows the black, white and brown frames offered by Paul Holland Photography

A choice of black, brown or white frames. I offer another range with a
stronger texture however this range is my most popular © Paul Holland

The slim canvases are the ones that can be framed. The canvas is made as normal before being set into the outer frame.
So, what does a framed canvas look like? Your choice of frame is visible around the outside edge. There is no glass between the viewer and the artwork and so the canvas texture remains visible while the photo canvas remains a lighter weight than a traditional framed print. A small gap is left between the frame and the canvas edges which adds to the appeal.

Image shows a Paul Holland Photography wall canvas in a room setting

 Dr Manning's Yard black & white canvas
shown with a white frame © Paul Holland

In the end, whether you go for the carefree vibe of an unframed canvas or the polished charm of framed artwork, it's not just about what looks good - it's about what makes you feel good. If you are looking for wall art with a Kendal or Lake District theme, be sure to see my full choice of wall art images.

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