Dog Photography- photographing Benji, a smooth haired dachshund.

Dog Photography- photographing Benji, a smooth haired dachshund.

Photographing Benji

A couple of months ago I had the enviable job of photographing Benji in the Kendal photo studio. Benji is a very cute Dachshund dog and he was so well behaved that his dog photo shoot lasted a little longer than normal. I always have everything prepared for pet photo shoots - items such as toys, treats, spare leads, towels and a water bowl are all essential to have close by. None of those things were really needed though as Benji was perfectly content for me to carry on photographing him with a variety of props including an old suitcase (pictured) as well as several chairs, boxes and other items.

I like to create a variety of images and I ended up with loads of photos but this is one of my favourites because I just love his pose and expression! In the end, it was a close up head and shoulders shot that Benjis' owners chose.
I had the print mounted and set in a solid wood frame that matched the colour tones in their chosen image. A high quality, hand framed photograph always looks amazing and makes a real statement when it goes on the wall for family and visitors to see.

I love photographing dogs and if you would like to see more examples of my work, you can find more examples of my studio and outdoor Lake District pet photography on the portraits page.

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