What is the correct height to hang a photograph?

What is the correct height to hang a photograph?

Have you ever wondered how far from the ceiling you should hang your photographs? It's a common mistake to hang photographs (and other artwork) too high on a wall. This can create an undesirable effect where the photograph has no relationship to the furniture around it and it requires you to tilt your head back to look at it.

So what's the ideal height to show your photograph at it's best?

You should hang your photographs so that the centre of the image is at eye level. Of course, not everyone is exactly the same height but a good rule of thumb is get the centre of the photograph around 60-63 inches (152-160cm) from the floor. This will give you a good starting point and you can make final adjustments from there.

Here's where you need to measure:

 Image showing the correct height for wall art

If you are displaying several photographs on your wall, you may want to look at a post I wrote previously about wall layout ideas and how to group several photos together. I hope these help you to display your photographs at their best.

If you are reading this because I have created wall art for you, I would love to see a photo of how it looks in your home!



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