My Best Value Photo Shoot Sessions

My Best Value Photo Shoot Sessions

If you are looking for the best value photo shoot gift then there is no contest. It has to be my 'Studio Passport'. It's a 12 month photo shoot experience voucher that gives you as many FREE studio portrait photo shoots as you want throughout the year for one (very) low price.

If you like the idea of having portrait photography of your family, children, grandchildren, your pet dog or cat or just yourself then this is the thing for you. Using the voucher, you can book as many photo shoots as you like in the studio and pay nothing for each session. Literally nothing, each session is free when using your Studio Passport voucher. Each studio photo shoot can be worth up to £50.00 so over the year you can make a huge saving compared to individual prices.

Colour image showing a family portrait in the studio
Sisters and cousins in the studio for a family portrait © Paul Holland
Bought as a gift voucher it makes a really unique present for friends and family. If you know people that are difficult to buy for, this is the solution. It's ideal for 16th, 18th and 21st birthdays, and perfect too for 30th, 40th or 50th birthdays as well as special wedding anniversaries, engagement announcements, and growing families. You won't find a better gift for anyone that likes taking selfies too.
If you are buying as a gift let us know when you would like the 12 months to start. We can match it to birthdays, anniversaries or other occasions if you wish so you can buy in advance without losing any time on the voucher.
 Baby and dog portrait by Paul Holland
Best friends, Jess and Bryn © Paul Holland

It doesn't have to be bought as a gift of course, you can book as many studio sessions as you like just for yourself or with a few select friends. Why not enjoy some quiet time being the centre of attention knowing you will get stunning professional photos that show you at your best. No interruptions, just time for yourself.

Black and white image of a woman by Paul Holland
A Photo Noir styled portrait © Paul Holland

Are you wondering if there's a catch? There is no catch; with the voucher you can book as many FREE sessions in the studio as you like with nothing to pay. There is even a complimentary free print of your choice with every session.

Fantasy Art image of a young boy as Batman.
Batman in one of my fantasy art images. © Paul Holland


Fine Art style image of a young girl

A fine art style portrait of Lilly © Paul Holland

Use your voucher to book a free photo shoot for a special occasion such as a birthday, Valentine's Day, School Prom Night, wedding anniversary, engagement announcement, family get-together or a new arrival in the family. Or book yourself a photo shoot at any time without an occasion to celebrate. Book as many sessions as you want, whenever you want (subject to studio diary availability). There is no limit.

So how much does a Studio Passport voucher cost?



For a whole year of unlimited free photo shoots in the studio. I told you it was the best value!

Here's a quick summary of what's included:

  • A whole year of unlimited, FREE, studio photo shoots
  • Your choice of studio shoots, each one worth up to £50.00 value,
  • Professional editing of approximately 20+ images for each session and a viewing at the studio a week or two later,
  • A Facebook 'sneak peek' photo (optional), and
  • A complimentary mounted 8" x 6" print of your choice for EVERY session.

 Here are a few ideas of how and when your voucher might be used. Once you have purchased the Studio Passport, all of these are free, as often as you like:

Now there is a six month Studio Passport voucher too!


Have you got ideas for how you would use your Studio Passport voucher? Please let me know in the comments and if you have any questions about the Studio Passport voucher feel free to phone or email me.



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