Glass Chopping Board - Kendal Doors
Glass Chopping Board - Kendal Doors

Glass Chopping Board - Kendal Doors

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Kendal Doors design with a choice of smooth or textured surface.

This is a glass chopping board or pot stand / trivet worktop saver. It is designed and made by Paul Holland in the UK and it measures 28cm x 20cm. The photo image features lots of colourful, old and new doors in the town of Kendal. The glass has been tempered so that it can be heated to high temperatures, so it will save your worktops. With a hard-wearing and easy to wipe clean surface it's perfect for all food preparation. It comes with clear, rubber feet fitted underneath to prevent it sliding while in use. Supplied in a box.
The glass board is suitable for use as a placemat, chopping board, cutting board, hot pot trivet stand or it will look great on any bar for drinks and cocktail garnish preparation. Perfect for all kitchens, including motor home kitchens and caravans.
Choice of either a smooth or a textured surface.
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