The Story Behind The Picture: 'Always carry a camera'

The Story Behind The Picture: 'Always carry a camera'

Street Skiing in Kendal, Cumbria

I took this photo years ago and it's still one of my favourites. We had snowfall in February that year and I had gone out onto the streets with a camera looking for things to photograph. The snow was still falling and it was quiet at the time because most people had stayed indoors. Conditions underfoot were slippery so there weren't many pedestrians or vehicles moving. I was walking up the hill, using the tyre tracks in the road where the snow had been worn away, when I heard someone behind me. As I turned around I was surprised to see a man make his way past me, uphill on skis, and I reached for my camera and took a few photos. I stood and watched as he slowly continued his way uphill until he had disappeared out of sight. I had almost put my camera away when he appeared again, travelling more quickly downhill towards me. He skied past me on the road and I took the photo you see here. I made sure to include some of the houses and the road so that the skier can be seen in context. Kendal is well known for its snow sports but road skiing is not something you see every day!

If it was you skiing or you know who it was, get in touch, I would love to know!

Monochrome Image by Paul Holland showing a woman's studio portrait

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